Fig. S1 Allele distribution of 82 microsatellites in GRZ and MZM-0403.

Fig. S2 Linkage map.

Fig. S3 Oxford plot of N.  furzeri and medaka.

Fig. S4 Lifespan of cross B.

Fig. S5 First QTL scan.

Table S1 Lifespan of F2 males sorted by color

Table S2 Details of the linkage map

Table S3 Pedigree of cross B

Table S4 Results of the second QTL scan

Table S5 Detailed analyses of QTLs

Table S6 All markers on LG 9 including the markers identified after fine-mapping

Table S7 Results of the QTL scan after fine mapping of LG 9

Table S8 Results of the first QTL scan

Table S9 Ranked data

Data S1 LG 1 markers showing sex-biased alleles

Data S2 Male and female linkage map

Data S3 Body weight data

Data S4 Marker identification, validation and genotyping

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