Fig. S1 NPCs isolated from 13-month DG morphologically resemble 3-month NPCs and do not show increased levels of cell death or cell heterogeneity.

Fig. S2 Late passage 13-month NPC have a normal karyotype.

Fig. S3 Survivin levels directly correlate with NPC proliferation.

Fig. S4 Survivin levels are higher in NPCs compared with their differentiated progeny.

Fig. S5 Potent anti-apoptotic genes do not compensate for survivin deficiency in NPCs.

Fig. S6 Survivin expression is not required for maintenance of neurons and astrocytes.

Fig. S7 Astrocte-conditioned medium from 13-month astrocytes inhibits Wnt signaling in NPCs.

Table S1 Comparative quantitative RT-PCR analysis of cell cycle gene levels between 3- and 13-month NPCs.

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