Fig. S1 Worms grown on glucose plates have elevated levels of internal glucose and pyruvate.

Fig. S2 Glucose has no effect on wild type polyglutamine, TDP-43 or FUS strains.

Fig. S3 Glucose reduces amyloid-β toxicity.

Fig. S4 L-glucose does not reduce neuronal proteotoxicity in C. elegans transgenics.

Fig. S5 GE reduces lifespan of long-lived daf-2 mutants but not strains with shorter lifespans.

Fig. S6 Glycerol does not reduce mutant TDP-43 toxicity.

Fig. S7 Other sugars reduce proteotoxicity and lifespan.

Fig. S8 Glucose rescues unc-54 mutant phenotypes.

Fig. S9 Glucose does not affect daf-16, hsf-1 or target gene expression.

Fig. S10 Glucose neuroprotection requires protein homeostasis genes.

Table S1 Lifespan analysis for all experiments.

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