Data S1 Chemicals and reagents, Ca2+ measurements in primary neuronal culturesm Ca2+ measurements in acute brain slices, Colocalization analysis, ELISA, Western blots, Mitochondria isolation, respiration and Ca2+ retention

Fig. S1 KCl treatment of neuronal cultures.

Fig. S2 Astrocyte responses to DHPG in acute brain slices.

Fig. S3 Ry-R2 is up-regulated in tg mice.

Fig. S4 Bioenergetics of isolated mitochondria.

Fig. S5 ER–mitochondria interactions in hippocampal slices of wt and tg mice.

Fig. S6 PTX-induced Ca2+ spikes are due to released glutamate.

Fig. S7 Aβ levels in mouse brains.

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