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On the Variation of Clamping Force in Bolted Double Lap Joints Subjected to Longitudinal Loading: A Numerical and Experimental Investigation



Abstract:  This study investigates the variation of clamping force and its concomitant effects on the performance of bolted double lap joints subjected to longitudinal loading. Two different amounts of clamping force were applied to bolted double lap joints made of Aluminium 2024-T3, and variations of clamping force were measured under the application of longitudinal loading. Finite element modelling was also performed to compare with experiments. The results unanimously revealed a gradual initial reduction of clamping force followed by a significant increase as the longitudinal load was increased. Also affected, was the load transfer mechanism in the joint resulting in variation of friction force between the plates, but in a different trend compared to clamping force. Finally, the key parameters have been discussed and highlighted pertaining to the performance of the joint.