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Modelling Strategies for Property Identification Based on Full-Field Surface Displacement Data



Abstract:  The use of full-field displacement measurements in mechanical testing provides detailed response information that can be used, in conjunction with modelling and optimisation, for precise material property identification. One limitation of this technique is that the collection of response data and the sectioning of a specimen to reveal the material microstructure are both destructive tests and mutually exclusive, as the displacement measurement occurs only on the exposed surface. Therefore, modelling of an experiment to interpret a full-field experiment requires assumptions about the structure of the material below the visible surface. This study evaluates the effects of several possible modelling assumptions on the errors in model-predicted response and on the resulting material property estimates. A 3-D microstructural model, for which the subsurface grain geometry and orientations are known, provides the basis for comparison of several common modelling assumptions based on the grain geometry and orientations on the visible surface of a specimen.