Technical Note: Pre-surgical anisometropia influences post-LASIK binocular mesopic contrast sensitivity function


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Purpose:  To investigate if pre-surgical anisometropia influences the post-LASIK binocular mesopic contrast sensitivity function (CSF).

Methods:  Pre- and post-surgical binocular CSF was measured for 54 patients under mesopic conditions. Data on visual acuity and corneal topography were also obtained.

Results:  The binocular contrast sensitivity declined significantly (r = 0.86; p < 0.001) with increasing pre-surgical anisometropia. Post-surgical interocular differences in corneal asphericity were also associated with increasing pre-surgical anisometropia.

Conclusions:  Pre-surgical anisometropia may be indicative of a possible significant deterioration of post-surgical mesopic binocular CSF, and therefore should be taken into account before surgery in analysing the possible disadvantages and limitations of refractive surgery.