• myopia;
  • optical coherence tomography;
  • retinal thickness


Purpose:  To investigate the retinal thickness profile in myopic and non-myopic eyes.

Methods:  The retinal thickness profile of 30 myopic eyes [spherical equivalent error (SER) between −6.00 and −13.63 D] and 31 non-myopic eyes (SER between +2.75 and −0.50 D) were measured using the Stratus OCT (Carl Zeiss Meditec, Dublin, CA, USA). Two scan types were used: the Macular Thickness Map and the Customized Line Scan for a central 80° horizontal retinal thickness profile.

Results:  At foveal center and fovea, myopic eyes had a thicker retina than the non-myopic group (p = 0.002 and 0.044, respectively). At other zones of the macula, the retina was significantly thinner in myopic eyes compared to non-myopic eyes (p < 0.01, unpaired t-test). From 40° nasal to 40° temporal retina, a general reduction of retinal thickness was observed across the myopic retina compared to the non-myopic retina except at 20° nasal to fixation.

Conclusions:  There was general reduction in retinal thickness within the horizontal central 80° in myopic eyes compared with non-myopic eyes.