• ADHD;
  • hyperkinetic disorder;
  • service use;
  • medication

Background:  Little is known about ongoing service use among young people with ADHD, but this information is important to the development of services to support these young people.

Methods:  A cohort of young people with ADHD or hyperkinetic disorder (n = 115) was followed up five to seven years after diagnosis. Details are presented of their use of public sector services over the 12 months preceding reassessment, compared to young people with ADHD from a large epidemiological study.

Results:  Most children remained in contact with CAMHS, with high rates of contact with schools, educational professionals and the criminal justice system. Nearly all had taken medication at some point, while many still were using it. There were low reported rates of psychological and group interventions within the last twelve months, but this does not rule out earlier access to such treatments.

Conclusions:  Children with ADHD utilise long-term support from public sector services, and cross agency strategies or clinics may help to optimise functioning.