Guidance on the Use of Antidepressants for Depression in Young People: A Survey of the Views of Consultants in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry



Background:  The Committee on Safety of Medicines (CSM) and National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence have issued guidance on antidepressant use in depression in young people.

Method:  An anonymous survey was sent to 692 UK consultants in child and adolescent psychiatry; the response rate was 70.1%.

Results:  Almost all (95.1%) respondents said fluoxetine was their antidepressant of first choice (29.9% only prescribed fluoxetine), although use of sertraline and citalopram was common. The CSM advice had resulted in 68.4% switching to fluoxetine only, or mostly.

Conclusions:  Clinicians appear to be adhering national guidance. Guidance needs to be regularly updated to reflect current evidence.