Remains of Hipparion (Equidae, Perissodactyla) from Puente Minero (Teruel Province, Spain) and their implications for the systematics of the Turolian Hipparionini



Abstract:  Morphological and biometrical variability of the equid Hipparion from Puente Minero and other localities from the Teruel Basin, Spain (MN10–MN13), is analysed. Three species of Hipparion are recognized in Puente Minero, H. laromae, H. matthewi and Hipparion sp. cf. H. longipes, through comparison with other Spanish and Eurasian species (Samos, Greece; Höwenegg, Germany; Pavlodar, Kazakhstan, small and large forms; Akkaşdaği, Turkey; and the following Spanish sites, La Roma 2, Los Aljezares, Concud, Milagros, Las Casiones and Venta de Moro). The majority of the Hipparion remains from Puente Minero and determined to be Hipparion laromae based on their size and morphology. This interpretation was confirmed by bivariate and multivariate analyses. These results suggest a Eurasian immigration of different Hipparion species into the Teruel Basin.