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Taxonomical and biostratigraphical significance of the North African radiolitid rudist bivalve Praeradiolites biskraensis (Coquand, 1880)



Abstract:  The revision of the radiolitid rudist bivalve Praeradiolites biskraensis (Coquand), including shell morphology and structure, taxonomical status, and palaeogeographical and stratigraphical distribution, was undertaken. We studied Coquand’s collection, other specimens from the type locality, Col de Sfa, and other Algerian fossil localities, as well as recently collected material from the Gafsa region in Tunisia. A neotype from Col de Sfa is proposed. The stratigraphical distribution of the species is bracketed in the Upper Cenomanian, using the distribution of co-occurring ammonites in Tunisia and microfossils in Algeria. The palaeogeographical distribution is verified for Algeria and Tunisia based on all records in North Africa. Survey of the taxonomical status and problems of related radiolitid genera has resulted in revised diagnoses of Praeradiolites Douvillé, Eoradiolites Douvillé, Sphaerulites Lamarck and Radiolites Lamarck and revealed problems with Radiolites fleuriaui d’Orbigny, which is being the type species of Praeradiolites. Maghrebites gen. nov. is proposed for the North African radiolitid rudist Praeradiolites biskraensis (Coquand).

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