Table S1. Comparative dimensions, ratios normalised to skull length, and percentage differences between landmark points on the crania of the two Westbury pliosaurs BRSMG Cd6172 and BRSMG Cc332.

Table S2. Summary of data describing the dentition in BRSMG Cd6172, giving diameters of functional alveoli with missing teeth, and where present, lengths of functional and replacement teeth. (A) premaxillae, (B) maxillae and (C) dentaries.

Table S3. Comparative data for teeth from the two Westbury pliosaurs, BRSMG Cd6172 and BRSMG Cc332. Tooth crown height from bottom of enamel to apex of crown. Directionality of the tooth is given by the minor curvature viewed axially (Fig. 14A(iv), B(iv)).

Table S4. Variation in the snout widths of Westbury pliosaurs BRSMG Cc 332 and BRSMG Cd6172.

Table S5. Cranial and mandibular synapomorphies preserved in BRSMG Cd6172 justifying inclusion in Pliosauroidea and Pliosauridae. Synapomorphies listed with character numbers employed by Ketchum and Benson (2010).

Table S6. Dorso-ventral depth of the snouts of Westbury pliosaurs BRSMG Cc332 and BRSMG Cd6172 at three positions.

Appendix S1. Tables of measurements and statistical data.

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