Moving beyond GDP


  • Thanks are due to a large number of economists in policy and academia for their contributions to the Second ‘New Directions in Welfare’ congress, particularly Angel Gurría, Martine Durand and Marco Mira d'Ercole from the OECD, Enrico Giovannini from ISTAT and Andy Ross from the Government Economic Service. Thanks are also due to the following organisers and speakers: Xavi Ramos, Christophe Muller, Clemens Puppe, François Bourguignon, Stephen Klasen, Ellen Nolte, Lise Rochaix, Marco Caliendo and Radu Vranceanu. For commenting on the papers in this issue, the guest editors are grateful to Indranil Dutta, John Ermisch, Charlene Kalenkoski, Gay Meeks, Geoff Meeks, Jesús Pérez-Mayo, Jürgen Volkert and Cristina Santos. Finally, the first author wishes to acknowledge support from the Leverhulme Trust for funding the capabilities measurement project at the Open University and Oxford University, of which this work is part.

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