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  • ELR bibliographic essays are intended to contribute a topical review of research with a reasonably complete bibliography. Scholarship is organized by authors or titles of anonymous works. Items included represent combined entries listed in the annual bibliographies published by PMLA, YWES, and MHRA from 1971 through, in the present instance, 2010. The format used here is a modified version of that used in Recent Studies in English Renaissance Drama, ed. Terence P. Logan and Denzel S. Smith, 4 vols. (Univ. of Nebraska, 1973–1978).
    The ELR series is edited by Elizabeth H. Hageman, Professor of English-Emerita, University of New Hampshire.


Research on Margaret Cavendish has developed into a significant and sophisticated body of work. Whereas past scholarship focused substantially on her utopia The Blazing World, her play The Convent of Pleasure, and Cavendish's personal history, it now reaches across disciplines and genres. Cavendish's scientific and philosophical writings have garnered the most attention, often in paired analyses with her fictional or autobiographical texts. This has led to increased interest in all of Cavendish's publications. Much remains to be done: collective exploration of all of her scientific writings, initial exploratory study of her other plays, and critical analysis of her biographical writings and those implementing autobiographical forms or stylistics. Because of its increased complexity and interdisciplinary quality, Cavendish studies also calls for modern, critical editions of her work. (W. S. W.)

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