• Health care disparities;
  • physicians;
  • race

Objective. To develop a measure of physician engagement in addressing health care disparities.

Data Sources/Study Design. Cross-sectional survey of a national sample of physicians assessing each hypothesized component of engagement (Awareness, Reflection/Empowerment, and Action [AREA]).

Data Collection/Extraction Methods. Results examined using factorial analysis; predictive validity of final scale examined among highly engaged physicians.

Principal Findings. A nine-item scale derived from the AREA model has face validity, content validity, and applicability to a diverse group of physicians in measuring engagement. Partial correlations confirmed the mediating role of Reflection and/or Empowerment between Awareness and Action. Use of the scale among expert physicians suggests it reliably detects highly engaged physicians.

Conclusions. A nine-item survey can measure physician engagement in addressing health care disparities.