hesr1442-sup-0001_Author matrix.pdfapplication/PDF1094KAppendix SA1: Author Matrix.
hesr1442-sup-0002_TableS1.docxWord document47KTable S1. Priority Conditions in MEPS.
hesr1442-sup-0002_TableS2.docxWord document47KTable S2. Summary Statistics and Variable Definition.
hesr1442-sup-0002_TableS3.docxWord document47KTable S3. Comparison of Pre-Event Period (2004) Characteristics before and after Propensity-Score Matching.
hesr1442-sup-0002_TableS4.docxWord document47KTable S4. Probit Propensity-Score Model of Physical Health Event.
hesr1442-sup-0002_TableS5.docxWord document47KTable S5. Effect of Physical Health Event on Reported Mental Health Status, 1 (Poor) to 5 (Excellent): Coefficient on Physical Health Event.

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