hesr1460-sup-0001-AppendixSA1.pdfapplication/PDF267KAppendix SA1: Author Matrix.
hesr1460-sup-0002-AppendixSA2.docWord document35KAppendix SA2: Number of Hospitals Included by State and Data Year.
hesr1460-sup-0003-AppendixSA3.docWord document51KAppendix SA3: Mapping of Standard and Nonstandard Cost Centers to Department-Level Buckets.
hesr1460-sup-0004-AppendixSA4.docWord document38KAppendix SA4: Crosswalk of Service Codes to Cost Center Buckets.
hesr1460-sup-0005-AppendixSA5.docWord document27KAppendix SA5: Mean Cost per Discharge and Median Cost per Discharge, 2006.
hesr1460-sup-0006-AppendixSA6.docWord document28KAppendix SA6: Percentage of Discharges That Used the Service Code in 2001 and 2006.
hesr1460-sup-0007-AppendixSA7.docWord document31KAppendix SA7: Hospital Inpatient Services Contributing the Most to the Change in Mean Cost per Discharge, 2001 to 2006, for Hospitals in Sample for Both Data Years.*

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