The Association between Corporate Boards, Audit Committees, and Management Earnings Forecasts: An Empirical Analysis


  • We are indebted to Abbie Smith (the editor) and an anonymous referee for their insightful comments and suggestions. We thank Maria Christodoulou for research assistance, and First Call Corporation, a Thomson Financial company, for providing the analyst and management forecast data free of charge. The University of Cyprus provided funding for this research.


We study how corporate boards and audit committees are associated with voluntary financial disclosure practices, proxied here by management earnings forecasts. We find that in firms with more effective board and audit committee structures, managers are more likely to make or update an earnings forecast, and their forecast is less likely to be precise, it is more accurate, and it elicits a more favorable market response. Together, our empirical evidence is broadly consistent with the notion that effective corporate governance is associated with higher financial disclosure quality.