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Mutuality of commitment in romantic relationships: Exploring a dyadic model


Daniel J. Weigel, Department of Human Development and Cooperative Extension, University of Nevada, 5305 Mill Street, Reno, NV 89502, e-mail:


On the basis of the interdependence and interpersonal perception literatures, this article advanced and tested a dyadic model of mutuality of commitment. It is argued that mutuality of commitment is composed of 4 perceptions (i.e., A's self and other perceptions, and B's self and other perceptions) and 4 types of interconnections among the perceptions (i.e., actual, assumed, empathic, and reciprocal mutuality). Evidence for the presence of the 4 types of mutuality of commitment was found in a sample of 121 romantically involved couples. Furthermore, in several situations the perceptions and types of mutuality had significant associations with people's perceptions of relationship quality. Each of these results is discussed, as well as the utility of the new conceptualization of mutuality of commitment.