A History and Analysis of Radical Activism in Sociology, 1967–1969, with Special Reference to the Sociology Liberation Movement, the Black Caucus, the Executive Council, the War in Vietnam and a Few Other Things*


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    The author wishes to acknowledge her indebtedness to Jack Roach of the University of Connecticut, who aided her in the preparation of this manuscript. Some of the information and explanation contained in it is taken, with his permission, from his manuscript in preparation on “Radical Sociology: Whence and Why?”


Radical activism in sociology can be explained as reaction against developments in American society, university structure, social theory and the American Sociology Association. Beginning in 1967 with a controversy over a Vietnam resolution, it has grown to include organized opposition through the Sociology Liberation Movement and the separation of the Black Sociologists Association. The assumptions behind sociology as an academic field and an occupation, have been and are being tested and found erroneous by an increasing number of sociologists.