• Key words;
  • trauma;
  • trauma scoring systems;
  • animal trauma trage scoring system


An animal trauma triage (ATT) scoring system was devised to provide stratification of veterinary trauma patient populations based upon severity of injury. A retrospective population of 101 trauma patients and a prospective population of 88 patients were used to evaluate the predictive power of the ATT scoring system for survival seven days after initial presentation of the emergency service. In Both groups, the mean ATT score for survivors was significantly lower than the mean ATT score for non-survivors. In a logistic regression mode, the ATT score was found to be a significant predictor of the likelihood of survival seven days after initial presentation for both populartions. Each point increase in the ATT score resulted in a 2.3–2.6 times decreased likelihood of survival. The ATT scoring system is a useful objective classification scheme for predicting the likelihood to survive a traumatic incident and can serve as prototype for severity of injuroy scoring systems for the veterinary trauma patient.