• Keywords;
  • Myocardial rupture;
  • right atrium;
  • trauma;
  • cardiac tamponade;
  • surgery


A 2 year old male mixed breed dog presented with clinical signs of acute cardiac tamponade after being hit by a car. Echocardiography confirmed the presence of pericardial effusion. Pericardiocentesis revealed venous blood that clotted normally, suggestive of an acute lesion involving the right side of the heart. An emergency thoracotomy was performed, and a laceration of the right atrium was identified and repaired. Postoperatively, the dog developed traumatic myocarditis that improved with time and medical management. Six months after surgery, the dog was healthy with no adverse effects of the trauma. The importance of early recognition and the necessity for expeditious surgical management of traumatic right atrial rupture in the dog is illustrated in this report.