• bacteria;
  • canine;
  • copulation;
  • semen;
  • seminoperitoneum


Objective: To discuss 2 cases of acute peritonitis caused by traumatic breeding in the bitch.

Series summary: Two bitches presented with acute abdominal pain, clinical signs, and laboratory abnormalities compatible with peritonitis. Both bitches were in estrus and had been observed copulating with male dogs prior to the onset of clinical signs. Diagnostic testing revealed bacterial peritonitis in both dogs, and intracellular and extracellular spermatozoa in ascites from 1 of the dogs. Surgical exploration revealed rupture of the uterine body and generalized peritonitis in both animals. Both bitches recovered following surgical and medical treatment.

New or unique information provided: This is the first reported series of cases of peritonitis secondary to traumatic breeding. These cases introduce a unique presentation for peritonitis and acute abdominal distress. Peritonitis because of traumatic seeding of the abdominal cavity with bacteria from the urogenital tract, with or without seminoperitoneum, should be considered for bitches presenting with appropriate history, signalment, and clinical signs.