• blood substitute;
  • HBOC;
  • oxyglobin;
  • small ruminant


Objective: To report the use of a hemoglobin-based oxygen carrier (HBOC) solution in the treatment of parasite-induced anemia in a Barbados sheep and to review the literature related to this disease.

Case summary: A 3-month old Barbados sheep was found recumbent, anorexic, and pale. History, laboratory work, and physical examination findings were consistent with inadequate tissue oxygenation because of severe anemia from gastrointestinal parasites. The sheep was treated with 10 mL/kg of an HBOC solution and showed immediate improvement in clinical and laboratory data. The sheep was discharged and had a complete recovery.

New information provided: The use of HBOC solutions in sheep has been previously confined to acute hemorrhage in a research setting. This report describes the effects of HBOC administration in an anemic animal displaying signs of inadequate oxygen delivery.