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Management of femoral artery thrombosis in an immature dog


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Dr. Sharon Drellich, Angell Memorial Animal Hospital, 350 S. Huntington Avenue, Boston MA 02130, USA.


Objective: To report a case of femoral artery thrombosis and its medical management in a young dog.

Case summary: A 13-week-old, female Boxer puppy presented with hind limb paralysis after an abdominal crush injury. A left femoral artery thrombus was identified on ultrasound. No spinal trauma was visualized in imaging studies. Clinical management of arterial thrombosis in a 13-week-old puppy with streptokinase and dalteparin therapy is described.

New or unique information provided: This paper describes an unusual presentation of arterial thrombosis. The medical management with streptokinase and dalteparin is also out of the ordinary. Images that document the development of compensatory circulation around the thrombosed vessel are included. Additionally, this paper also documents the altered development that occurred in this immature dog after the thrombotic event.

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