• flumazenil;
  • GABA agonist;
  • intoxication;
  • meprobamate


Objective: To describe a case of SOMA intoxication in a dog.

Case summary: A 13-year-old, 25 kg, female spayed Australian shepherd presented to the emergency service after ingestion of ten to fifteen 350 mg tablets of SOMA (carisoprodol), a muscle relaxant used for back pain in humans. Toxic effects of the drug in this dog included mild sinus tachycardia, respiratory depression, seizures, and ataxia. The dog's mentation progressively deteriorated from depressed to comatose within 1 hour after admission. Treatment on initial presentation consisted of induction of emesis while the dog still had a gag reflex, administration of activated charcoal, oxygen therapy, and supportive care. The dog was discharged to the owner prior to full recovery (4 days later).

New or unique information provided: This is the first known report of carisoprodol intoxication in the dog.