• bovine neonatalogy;
  • cloned calf;
  • mechanical ventilation;
  • respiratory failure


Objective: To report the use of mechanical ventilation in a calf suffering from respiratory failure.

Case summary: A full-term clone calf born by cesarean section showed signs of respiratory failure that did not respond to intranasal oxygen therapy. Thoracic radiographs were compatible with a diffuse interstitial and alveolar pattern. The calf was successfully managed with 3 days of mechanical ventilation and was eventually discharged from the hospital following further therapy for sepsis.

Unique information provided: This is the first description of mechanical ventilation in a calf suffering from hypercapnic respiratory failure. Mechanical ventilation may be useful in the treatment of high pedigree merit calves. The procedure was well tolerated and the calf was able to drink easily during nasotracheal ventilation.