Coma and respiratory failure due to moxidectin intoxication in a dog


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Objective: To describe the clinical consequences following ingestion by a dog of a moxidectin-containing equine deworming product. Few reports exist concerning the treatment and outcome of severe moxidectin toxicity. Treatment, known factors influencing intoxication, and prognosis are reviewed.

Case summary: A 10-month-old female Border Collie ingested an unknown quantity of a moxidectin-containing equine deworming product several hours before presentation. Severe neurological signs subsequently developed and included: ataxia, seizures, coma, and respiratory failure. The dog was treated with supportive care including intravenous fluids, activated charcoal, and positive pressure ventilation. Normal spontaneous respiration returned in 34 hours and the patient was discharged 58 hours after ingestion. Full recovery occurred within 1 week of intoxication.

New information provided: This report describes moxidectin intoxication and associated respiratory failure in a dog that required mechanical ventilation. The dog's recovery was rapid. Despite severity of signs, the prognosis for patients with moxidectin intoxication is good with appropriate supportive care.