• dog;
  • mucinous;
  • pharyngoscopy;
  • tracheostomy


Objective: To describe the case management for a dog diagnosed with a nasopharyngeal polyp.

Case summary: A 9-week-old Shar-Pei puppy presented for progressive dyspnea and collapse. Clinical signs were consistent with an upper airway obstruction (UAO) and a temporary tracheostomy was performed. The puppy was at first diagnosed with and treated for brachycephalic airway syndrome but continued to exhibit signs of an UAO after soft palate resection. Nasopharyngoscopy revealed a nasopharyngeal polyp causing the UAO, which was surgically removed. The puppy has been free of clinical signs for 1 year after removal of the polyp.

New or unique information provided: This is the first report of a nasopharyngeal polyp causing a life-threatening UAO in a puppy. It emphasizes the importance of examining the nasopharyngeal space in neonates presenting with UAO.