• dog;
  • myocardial rupture;
  • hemothorax;
  • osteosarcoma


Objective – To describe a case of a focal right ventricular rupture following removal of a rib-associated telangiectatic osteosarcoma (TOS) in a dog.

Case Summary – A 2-year-old spayed female mixed-breed dog, weighing 20 kg, was presented in compensated hypovolemic shock due to active bleeding into the thoracic cavity. The dog was stabilized with appropriate fluid administration. Subsequent computed tomographic examination revealed a large mineralized mass originating from the body of a rib and displacing the heart. Two days after surgical removal of this mass, focal right ventricular rupture occurred and the dog died. The mass was later identified as a TOS.

New or Unique Information Provided – Although hemothorax secondary to TOS has been described previously, this report describes for the first time, spontaneous focal right ventricular rupture as a rare complication of thoracotomy and rib resection for the removal of a rib-associated, intrathoracic TOS.