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Factor VIII inhibitors complicating treatment of postoperative bleeding in a dog with hemophilia A


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Objective – To describe the clinical course of a dog with hemophilia A and circulating factor VIII inhibitors complicating the treatment of postoperative hemorrhage.

Case Summary – A 7-year-old castrated male Japanese Chin with hemophilia A, weighing 6 kg, was presented for dental cleaning, polishing, and extractions. Despite presurgical administration of cryoprecipitate, continuous oral bleeding occurred. Circulating factor VIII inhibitors were detected, and the postoperative hemorrhage was subsequently managed with extensive and prolonged blood component transfusion. The dog was discharged after a full clinical recovery.

New or Unique Information Provided – This case report describes the clinical consequences and successful treatment of postoperative hemorrhage in a dog with hemophilia A and circulating factor VIII inhibitors. A relevant discussion of the management of human patients with circulating factor VIII inhibitors is included.

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