Fournier's gangrene in a cat


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Objective – To describe the clinical course of a cat diagnosed with Fournier's gangrene.

Case Summary – A 2-year-old castrated male cat was presented to an emergency hospital for evaluation of acute onset of lethargy, mucoid anal discharge, and fever. During hospitalization, with provision of supportive care, an area of necrotizing fasciitis around the prepuce and anus developed and surgical debridement was performed. Severe sepsis developed secondary to the necrotizing fasciitis and the cat was eventually euthanized.

New Information Provided – The purpose of this report is to document the first case of Fournier's gangrene in a cat that presented for mucoid anal discharge, lethargy, and mild ataxia, and to alert emergency clinicians to this disease process. Early detection of the disease with prompt, aggressive supportive care and surgical debridement is necessary for successful treatment.