Coccygeal epidural with local anesthetic for catheterization and pain management in the treatment of feline urethral obstruction


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Objective – To describe the technique for performing a coccygeal epidural injection of local anesthetic to facilitate catheterization in male cats with urethral obstructions using low-dose sedation.

Significance – Prompt diagnosis and relief of urethral obstructions is important as many cats may have developed marked metabolic abnormalities at the time of presentation. General anesthesia in these patients may be associated with significant risk for complications. Pain management is also an essential treatment goal, and this technique relieves urethral and penile pain during the unblocking process.

Conclusion – Coccygeal epidurals can be used safely to provide analgesia to the penis and urethra and to the authors' knowledge, is a novel treatment modality to aid in the relief of urethral obstructions in male cats.