Inherited platelet disorders


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To present the latest information on inherited platelet disorders in domestic animals.

Data Sources

Research articles and reviews spanning 40 years available on PubMed.

Human Data Synthesis

Information regarding inherited platelet disorders in people is plentiful and often descriptions of human conditions have led to the identification of similar disorders in veterinary species. There are exceptions, however, in which specific inherited platelet disorders were first described in animals with subsequent identification in people.

Veterinary Data Synthesis

Many inherited platelet disorders have been documented in animals at the functional and molecular level and that information is presented in this review.


Much progress has been made in the past 20 years in the characterization of inherited platelet disorders in animals at the functional, biochemical, and molecular level. The study of inherited platelet disorders has greatly enhanced the understanding of platelet physiology and has led in some instances to the development of platelet inhibitory medications. Characterization of inherited disorders at the molecular level greatly facilitates diagnosis and identification of affected and heterozygous animals thus avoiding propagation of the defect by breeders. When used with available functional and biochemical diagnostic tests, it significantly enhances the quality of care and case management.