Acute onset of dyspnea associated with Oslerus osleri infection in a dog


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To describe an unusual clinical presentation of Oslerus osleri infection in the dog and to review current diagnostic and treatment strategies for this infection.

Case Summary

A 2-year-old Briard presented as an emergency for evaluation of acute respiratory distress. Radiographs of the thorax revealed an intratracheal masses near the bifurcation of the trachea. Biopsies of the masses identified parasitic fragments consistent with O. osleri infection. The patient was successfully treated with fenbendazole and the patient's clinical signs have not reoccurred over the last 5 months.

Unique Information Provided

This report documents an uncommon presentation of acute respiratory distress associated with O. osleri infection in the dog, as previously reported cases usually report a history of chronic cough. In this case, the patient presented with an acute onset of dyspnea and no history of chronic cough suggesting that O. osleri infection may be a consideration in any young dog presented with acute respiratory distress.