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Use of intravenous lipid therapy in three cases of feline permethrin toxicosis


  • The authors declared no conflict of interests.

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Dr. Mark D. Haworth, Murdoch Pet Emergency Centre, Murdoch University, 90 South St, Perth, WA 6150, Australia.




To describe the use of intravenous lipid emulsion (IVLE) as an adjunctive therapy in 3 cats with permethrin toxicosis.

Case Series Summary

Three cats with permethrin toxicosis were treated with IVLE in addition to the current accepted treatment regime. All 3 cats demonstrated a subjective rapid clinical improvement after the administration of IVLE, with no adverse reactions observed.

New or Unique Information Provided

This is the first reported use of IVLE for feline permethrin toxicosis, with encouraging results. A possible reduction in costs associated with treatment may contribute to a reduction in euthanasia. Further investigation of the use of IVLEs in permethrin toxicosis is warranted.