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Postresuscitation myocardial dysfunction in a dog


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To describe a clinical case of postresuscitation myocardial dysfunction in a dog.

Case Summary

An 11-month-old, 2.37 kg female spayed Chihuahua was referred for management post CPR after suffering cardiopulmonary arrest. Postresuscitation a gallop rhythm was identified and an echocardiogram revealed severe left ventricular dilation and severely impaired myocardial contractility with a mild eccentric jet of mitral regurgitation on color Doppler interrogation. The primary differentials were idiopathic or nutritional dilated cardiomyopathy, end-stage myocarditis, or postresuscitation myocardial dysfunction. Echocardiogram was repeated 48 hours later and showed normal left ventricular dimensions and contractility assessed as consistent with postresuscitation myocardial dysfunction.

New or Unique Information Provided

Postresuscitation myocardial dysfunction is a common complication of CPR in human medicine and is associated with a worse outcome. This is the first clinical report of postresuscitation myocardial dysfunction in a dog.