Figure S1 Monoclonal antibody SAM-11 immunoreactivity in mesenteric arterial protein from C57, db/db and PAR2 knockout mice. (A) Immunoreactive bands corresponding to PAR2 in mesenteric arterial protein collected from four C57 and four db/db mice. NIH3T3 cell lysate provided by supplier (Santa Cruz, CA, USA) was included as a positive control for PAR2 immunoreactivity. (B) Summarized densitometry data for the SAM11-target bands in C57 and db/db shown in (A). (C) Representative SAM-11 (1:3000) immunoblotting data collected from one C57 and one PAR2 knockout (PAR2–/–) mouse. C57 sample was assayed in duplicate at two protein amounts. In (A) and (C), L indicates the lane containing the molecular weight ladders; values (kDa) of the relative molecular weight standards are included in (C). Target bands were normalized to the densities of GAPDH bands. P > 0.05, db/db compared with control Student's t-test for unpaired data.

Table S1 Compiled gene and protein target sequence data for TaqMan gene expression assay

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