• endothelin;
  • endothelin receptor;
  • epigenetics;
  • histone modifications;
  • DNA methylation

Control of gene transcription is a major regulatory determinant for function of the endothelin pathway. Epigenetic mechanisms act on tissue-specific gene expression during development and in response to physiological stimuli. Most of the limited evidence available on epigenetic regulation of the endothelin pathway focuses on the EDN1 and EDNRB genes. Examination of whole genome databases suggests that both genes are influenced by histone modifications and DNA methylation. This interpretation is supported by studies directed at detecting epigenetic action on the two genes. The clearest illustration of epigenetic factors altering endothelin signalling is DNA methylation-associated EDNRB silencing during tumourigenesis. This review summarizes our current understanding of epigenetic regulation of the endothelin pathway genes.

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