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J.C. (Ian) McGrath Glasgow, UK

Senior Editors

Amrita Ahluwalia London, UK

Michael J. Curtis London, UK

Mark Giembycz Calgary, Canada

Daniel Hoyer Melbourne, Australia

Andrew Lawrence Melbourne, Australia

David MacEwan Norwich, UK

Arthur Weston Manchester, UK

Susan Wonnacott Bath, UK

Reviews Editor

Stephen Alexander Nottingham, UK

Press Editors

Y.S. Bakhle

Caroline Wedmore

Editorial Board

Bharat Aggarwal Houston, USA

Phillip Beart Melbourne, Australia

Maria Belvisi London, UK

Heather Bradshaw Bloomington, USA

Keith Brain Birmingham, UK

John Challiss Leicester, UK

Victoria Chapman Nottingham, UK

Steven Charlton Horsham, UK

Diana Chow Houston, USA

Macdonald Christie Sydney, Australia

Sandy Clanachan Edmonton, Canada

Lucie Clapp London, UK

David Cowan London, UK

John Cryan Cork, Ireland

Nicola Curtin Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

Gerhard Cvirn Graz, Austria

Anthony Davenport Cambridge, UK

Hartmut Derendorf Florida, USA

Peter Doris Houston, USA

Pedro D'Orléans-Juste Sherbrooke, Canada

Susan Duty London, UK

Claire Edwards Oxford, UK

Michael Emerson London, UK

Peter Ferdinandy Szeged, Hungary

Michelle Garrett Sutton, UK

Chris George Cardiff, UK

Heather Giles London, UK

Derek Gilroy London, UK

Michelle Glass Auckland, New Zealand

Iain Greenwood London, UK

Fiona Gribble Cambridge, UK

Anthony Harmar Edinburgh, UK

John Hartley London, UK

Derek Hausenloy London, UK

Robin Hiley Cambridge, UK

Andrea Hohmann Georgia, USA

Miles Houslay Glasgow, UK

Jackie Hunter Weston, UK

Ryuji Inoue Fukuoka, Japan

Paul Insel San Diego, USA

Angelo Izzo Naples, Italy

Yong Ji Nanjing, China

Eamonn Kelly Bristol, UK

Melanie Kelly Halifax, Canada

Terry Kenakin Durham, USA

Dave Kendall Nottingham, UK

Chris Langmead Welwyn Garden City, UK

Rebecca Lever London, UK

Jon Lundberg Stockholm, Sweden

Kenneth Mackie Seattle, USA

Mhairi Macrae Glasgow, UK

Ziad Mallat Cambridge, UK

Karen McCloskey Belfast, UK

Barbara McDermott Belfast, UK

Alister McNeish Reading, UK

Olivier Micheau Dijon, France

Eeva Moilanen Tampere, Finland

Paula Moreira Coimbra, Portugal

Maria Moro Madrid, Spain

Fiona Murray San Diego, USA

Anne Negre-Salvayre Toulouse, France

Valerie O'Donnell Cardiff, UK

Eliot Ohlstein Pennsylvania, USA

Saoirse O'Sullivan Nottingham, UK

Hiroshi Ozaki Tokyo, Japan

Reynold Panettieri Jr Philadelphia, USA

Sandy Pang Toronto, Canada

Andreas Papapetropoulos Patras, Greece

Clare Parish Melbourne, Australia

Peter Peachell Sheffield, UK

Ray Penn Baltimore, USA

John Peters Dundee, UK

Roger Phillips Bradford, UK

Michael Pugsley Jersey City, USA

Susan Pyne Strathclyde, UK

Jelena Radulovic Chicago, USA

Harpal Randeva Warwick, UK

Mette Rosenkilde Copenhagen, Denmark

Richard Schulz Alberta, Canada

Patrick Sexton Monash, Australia

Edith Sim Oxford, UK

Chris Sobey Monash, Australia

Michael Spedding Suresnes, France

Beata Sperlagh Budapest, Hungary

Clare Stanford London, UK

Barbara Stefanska Quebec, Canada

Kenneth Takeda Strasbourg, France

Paolo Tammaro Oxford, UK

Anna Teti L'Aquila, Italy

David Thwaites Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

Alexandre Trifilieff Basel, Switzerland

Jean-Pierre Valentin Macclesfield, UK

Paul Vanhoutte Hong Kong, China

Christopher Vaughan Sydney, Australia

Harald Wajant Würzburg, Germany

Julia Walker Durham, USA

Xin Wang Manchester, UK

Nina Weber Amsterdam, the Netherlands

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