Figure S1 (A) Western blot analysis shows a significant increase in PAR2 expression in LPS (13.6 U·kg−1) treated rats. (B) PAR2AP-induced vasodilatation was significantly increased in aortic rings harvested from LPS-treated rats (4 and 8 h after LPS) *P < 0.05 versus saline; ***P < 0.001 versus saline; n = 10 for each group. (C) Western blot analysis revealed no difference in TLR4 expression in LPS-treated compared with naive rats.


Figure S2 qRT-PCR analysis performed on kidney (A) or on aorta (B) harvested from TLR4–/– mice demonstrates that LPS causes an upregulation of PAR2 expression. (*P < 0.05 ***P < 0.001; n = 3 experiments).


Figure S3 (A) Western blot analysis showing PAR2 expression in aorta from wild-type and PAR2 KO mice. (B) Western blot analysis showing TLR4 expression in aorta from wild-type and TLR4 KO mice. Blots are representative of 3 different experiments. (C) CRC (10 μM) and RSV (10 μm) significantly inhibited PAR2AP-induced vasodilatation in aorta harvested from C57BL/10ScN mice (*** = P < 0.001 vs. vehicle; n = 3 mice for a total of 10 rings for each group).

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