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Epirubicin as part of a multi-agent chemotherapy protocol for canine lymphoma


Correspondence address:

J. W. Elliott

Small Animal Teaching


University of Liverpool,

Chester High Road,

Wirral CH64 7TE, UK



The aim of the study was to report the outcome of treatment of 97 dogs with lymphoma that received a multi-agent chemotherapy protocol containing epirubicin as the primary anthracycline. Seventy-five dogs received a 25-week protocol with no maintenance phase whilst 22 dogs received a maintenance phase. Complete response rate was 96% and time to first relapse (TTR) and overall survival (OS) time for all dogs were 216 and 342 days, respectively. Dogs with T-cell lymphoma and those classified as WHO substage b had significantly poorer OS times and TTR. The protocol was well tolerated with toxicity similar to doxorubicin-containing protocols. Epirubicin as part of a multi-agent protocol is safe and effective in the treatment of canine multicentric lymphoma. There is a high initial response rate and an overall median survival time that is similar to other published doxorubicin-containing protocols.

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