• apoptosis;
  • canine tumour cell lines;
  • glioblastoma;
  • histiocytic sarcoma;
  • resveratrol;
  • resveratrol oligomers


Vineatrol®30 is a grapevine-shoot extract, which contains resveratrol as well as considerable amounts of so-called resveratrol oligomers such as hopeaphenol and r2-viniferin. In this study, we analysed whether the two above-mentioned resveratrol oligomers were able to inhibit the growth of the canine glioblastoma cell line D-GBM and the canine histiocytic sarcoma cell line DH82, compared their potency to inhibit tumour cell growth with that of resveratrol and determined whether the induction of apoptosis via caspase 9 and 3/7 activation underlies the tumour cell growth-inhibiting effect of hopeaphenol and r2-viniferin. Vineatrol®30, resveratrol, hopeaphenol and r2-viniferin inhibited the growth of D-GBM and DH82 cells in a concentration-dependent manner, whereby hopeaphenol and r2-viniferin were more potent than resveratrol itself in inhibiting the growth of the canine tumour cell lines. Moreover, the anti-proliferative effect of both resveratrol oligomers in D-GBM cells is based on their capacity to induce caspase 9 and 3/7 activation.