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Safety and efficacy of preoperative right portal vein embolization in patients at risk for postoperative liver failure following major right hepatectomy


  • This report is based on an abstract entitled ‘Safety and efficacy of portal vein embolization in patients at risk for postoperative liver failure’, given as a poster presentation during Digestive Disease Week, 7–10 May 2011, Chicago, IL.

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Background:  Right portal vein embolization (RPVE) has been utilized with or without segment IV (RPVE + IV) prior to hepatectomy to induce hypertrophy and prevent liver insufficiency in patients with a predicted future liver remnant (FLR) of ≤30% or cirrhosis.

Methods:  Records of patients who underwent RPVE during 2006–2010 were retrospectively reviewed. Patient demographics, operative outcomes and complications were analysed. Computed tomography-based volumetrics were performed to determine FLR volume and degree of hypertrophy. Patients were stratified by segment IV embolization. Short-term outcomes following RPVE and liver resection are reported.

Results:  A total of 23 patients were identified. Ten patients underwent RPVE and 13 underwent RPVE + IV. The RPVE procedure resulted in a 38% increase in FLR volume. Liver volumes, hypertrophy rates and outcomes were similar in both groups. Rates of operative complications in the RPVE and RPVE + IV groups were similar at 50% and 54%, respectively, and most complications were minor. Complication rates as a result of embolization were 30% in the RPVE group and 31% in the RPVE + IV group. One patient underwent modified operative resection as a result of a complication of RPVE.

Conclusions:  Right portal vein embolization (±segment IV) is a safe and effective modality to increase FLR volume. Post-embolization complications and short-term outcomes after resection are acceptable and are similar in both RPVE and RPVE + IV.