Translating Cicero in Renaissance Catalunya


  • This article is dedicated to the memory of Brian Tate. I am grateful to Veronika Coroleu, Lluís Cabré and the two anonymous readers for their comments on a first draft of this essay An earlier version was delivered at the Annual Confernce of the Association of Hispanists of Great Britain and Ireland (Nottingham, April 2011). This article is part of Project FFI2011-27844-C03-03 awarded by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation (2012–2014).


This article draws attention to the prominent role accorded to the translation of classical authors in sixteenth-century Catalunya, focusing on Cicero and, in particular, on the transmission in both Catalan and Spanish of his letters Ad familiares and his speech Pro lege Manilia. In the appendix, there is a preliminary survey of classical authors published in the original or in translation in Catalunya in the years 1473 to 1600. The list also includes details of manuscript copies of vernacular versions produced in Catalunya during this period.