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Qualitative impacts of Senna spectabilis on distribution of welfare: A household survey of dependent communities in Budongo Forest Reserve, Uganda


  • Eric Mungatana,

  • Peter Beine Ahimbisibwe

Eric Mungatana is at the University of Pretoria, Department of Agricultural Economics, Pretoria, South Africa. E-mail:

Peter Beine Ahimbisibwe is with the Association for Strengthening Agricultural Research in Eastern and Central Africa, Entebbe, Uganda. E-mail:


This paper presents the results of a household survey designed to qualitatively evaluate the impacts of the invasive alien species Senna spectabilis on the distribution of welfare across dependent communities in the Budongo Forest Reserve (BFR) in Uganda. The BFR is the largest forest reserve in Uganda, with globally significant conservation values. The study establishes that households in the BFR have high levels of knowledge as to its conservation values; they are aware of the invasiveness of S. spectabilis and its potential to compromise the conservation values of the BFR, and that S. spectabilis confers tangible benefits to dependent households, whose levels significantly vary with proximity to the reserve. The study concludes by evaluating strategies that are designed to manage the spread of S. spectabilis in the BFR and which consider its demonstrated socio-economic impacts.