International migration is changing the face of Europe, and the rapidly growing presence of the Chinese diaspora in Italy illustrates how longstanding migratory patterns are subject to global socioeconomic changes. Both Italy and China are traditionally points of emigration, but today, there is a unique juncture in the historical experience whereupon one community, the Italians, has become host to the other, the Chinese. Italy, with its promise of new or underdeveloped economic niches and relatively lax immigration policies, has served as a particular draw for Chinese migrants over the last two decades. The following article seeks to present a clearer picture of 20th century Chinese migration to Italy. First, I will establish the present state of immigration in Italy followed by an overview of contemporary Chinese migration to Italy. Second, I will consider the Zhejiangese migration to Europe, including Italy, and the motivations behind these global movements. Third, I will examine the traces of historical influence on the livelihoods of the Chinese residing in Italy today. The development of the Chinese community in Italy touches upon the need to learn from the past as Italy, and Europe, determines how to administer to and integrate the newest members of its society.