Book reviewed in this article

The Encyclopedia of Islam: A Dictionary of the Geography, Ethnography and Biography of the Mohammedan Peoples. Prepared by a number of leading Orientalists. Edited by Dr. M. Th. Houtsma, T. W. Arnold, Dr. M. Seligsohn, and A. Schaade

Islam en Christendom. Naar het Engelsch van W. H. T. Gairdner. Jacqueline C. Rutgers

Betrayed Armenia. By Diana Agabeg Apcar

The Place of the Hebrew Christian in Repelling the Moslem Menace. By the Rev. J. L. Garland

Christians at Mecca. By Augustus Ralli. 16mo

Kreuz und Halbmond im Nillande. By Lie. Dr. J. Boehmer. Gutersloh.

The Sayings of Muhammad. Edited by Abdullah al-Mamun al-Suthrawardy.

Ein Mohammedanischer Catechismus. By Mehmed Mes'ud. Translated by Dr. P. C. Andreas.

Der erlöschende Halbmond. Türkische Enthüllungen von Alexander Ular und Enrico Insabata.

Der Islam: Geschichte, Glaube, Recht. Ein Handbuch: von Martin Hartmann.

The Singing Caravan. Some Echoes of Arabian Poetry. By Henry Baeblein.

The. Truth about Islam. By Muhammad Badr

Islam in China. By Marshall Broomhall, B.A.

The Expansion of Christendom. A Study in Religious History. By Mrs. Ashley Carus-Wilson

Christianity and the Nations, being the Duff Lectures for 1910 by Ropert E. Speer

D. M. Thornton. A Study in Missionary Ideals and Methods. By the Rev. W. H. T. Gairdner