Book reviewed in this article:

Fifty-three Years in Syria. By Henry Harris Jessup

Islam und Christentum im Kampf um die Eroberung der animistischen Heidenwelt (“Islam and Christianity in Competition to Conquer the Animistic World of Heathenism”). By G. Simon

The Living Forces of the Gospel. Experiences of a Missionary in Animistic Heathendom. By Joh. Warneck, Lic. Theol. Translated by Rev. Neil Buchanan.

The Diwan of Hassan b. Thabit. Edited in the original Arabic by Dr. Hartwig Hirschfeld.

Kitab Mu'idi‘n Ni'am wa Mubidi‘n Niqam. By Taju'd din's Subki.

A Dictionary of Oriental Quotations (Arabic and Persian). By Claud Field

Kitáb ul-Farq bain al-Firaq. By Ibn Téhir Ibn Muhammad el-Bughdédi (d. 429 a.h.)

The Decisive Hour of Christian Missions. By John R. Mott.

With Mulai Hafid at Fez: Behind the Scenes in Morocco.

La Révolution Ottomane (190?1910). By M, Youssouf Fehmi.

A Grammar of the Arabic Language, By the Rev. R. Sterling, Missionary of the Church Missionary Socioty, Gaza, Palestine.

Handbuch des Islamischen Gesetzes. Nach der Lehre der Schafütischen Schule. Nebst einer allgemeinen Einleitung. By Th. W. Juynboll.

A Practical Arabic Course. By E. Nematallah and E. Chevalley. English text edited by E. G. Finch.

The Lord from Heaven: Chapters on the Deity of Christ. By Sir Robert Anderson

Halvmaanens Nedgang of Korsets Opgang eller Kamil Abd-el-Masiah. Translated by Oluf Hoyer

Fra Missionen Blandt Muhammedanere. By H. Wellejus

Om de Oude Wereldzee.* Door Dr. A. Kuyper. v. Hollrema en Warendorf.

Onder het Teeken van der Islam. Reislierinneringen door Jos. M. N. Th. van Waterschoot van der

The Moslem Doctrine of God. An Essay on the Character and Attributes of Allah according to the Koran and Orthodox Tradition. By the Rev. S. M. Zwemer

The Four Rightly-guided Khalifas. By the Rev. Canon Sell.

The Battles of Badr and Uhud. By the Rev. Canon Sell

The Muslim Idea of God. By the Rev. W. H. T. Gairdner

The Cult of Ali. By the Rev. Canon Sell